Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ah! I'm Back!

Let Me Just Tell You...

Hi everyone!  I want to sincerely apologize for my lack of posts over the past month.  I know I wrote a few of these posts over the past few weeks in hopes that I would actually spend the time after my explanation to get back to posting, but this month flew by faster than I expected and I ended up getting practically NOTHING done on the blog front.  

You see, I am still in the process of diving head-first into my personal trainer book and studying like a crazy person for my upcoming certification test.  Over the past four months I have read the entire NASM Personal Trainer Certification book, but it wasn't until as of late that I have actually been delving into some of the concepts that I will be tested on.  And boy, are there a lot of concepts to learn!  For example, as a personal trainer I will be administering fitness assessment tests to my clients, which consist of four different exercises they must perform with my supervision.  These exercises are used in order for me to study the way my clients' posture changes during the moves and I must know which muscles are overactive or underactive for each posture issue.  For each exercise there can be up to four different posture problems, with up to five muscles that are either overactive or underactive for each of the four exercises.  This makes upwards of 80 muscles I have to know just for that particular aspect of training.  I must also know the progression and regression of each exercise that a client will be asked to do.  There are a multitude of exercises out there and quite a few ways to progress or regress the exercise as necessary for each client.  As you can see, there are a lot of concepts I must know off-hand.  While this is a completely attainable task (of which I have already nailed down most of these concepts), it is time-consuming and after each study session, the last thing I want to do is think so more.  :D

Fortunately, things are starting to calm down a little in my mind, as I have two weeks until my test (after a reschedule with NASM) and I am feeling more and more comfortable about it every day.

I thought it would be fun to share with you my challenges over the past few weeks and perhaps give you a glimpse into the other things I am pursuing right now.  I am looking forward to a few posts I have in mind.  A couple of which will be a little series of posts about a company founded by a friend from high school who started creating organic bath and body products with her husband.  She was nice enough to send me some products and I have been loving them over the past month!  I am so looking forward to writing some reviews for her and I really hope you will take a look at her product line!

Thanks for sticking with me!  I'm looking forward to sharing with you some great things very soon!

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