Saturday, March 23, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Coral Crush

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Coral Crush

So if you read my blog regularly (that is, when I post...bad me!) then you know that I have a new obsession with orange-tones and corals.  It has taken me a very long time to get accustomed to wearing more lip product than just lip balm or lip gloss lacking in pigmentation...I think the reason for this is that I never figured out what color family looks best on my skin and makes me not feel uncomfortable and weird wearing it!  Recently, I figured out that corals and orange-toned pigments are best for my skin, especially on my lips!

With this in mind, when I came across the (fairly) new line of Maybelline lipsticks known as Vivids, I knew I had to get my hands on at least one!

Here you have it, Coral Crush from the Color Sensational Vivids line by Maybelline.

First of all, when you open the tube you just have to get excited by this gorgeous, super pigmented piece of makeup!  It's just beautiful!  As for the quality of the lipstick and the pigmentation, it applies super buttery and smooth.  It has a nice consistency and contrary to what you might believe by the name "vivids", it is actually a little sheer on the first swipe.  However, the buttery texture of this lipstick gives way to a buildable color and definitely matches its namesake after a few more swipes across the lips.  I really like this quality about this product, since sometimes I like a quite sheer look but when I'm feeling a little crazy, it takes no time to get a super vivid look.

As for staying power, the product doesn't claim to be long-lasting but I do find that it sticks around for a while.  I do have a slight issue with the edges of my lips getting a little line after a few hours if I'm not careful.

I definitely am a fan of this product.  The color is just gorgeous and they offer quite a few (in fact, 10) other great shades.  For upwards of $8, I think this is worth at least a try but I would definitely recommend trying one shade out before going crazy!  My one worry is that pesky lipstick line that lingers when the product wears off the lips.  I may have to try a better way to wear the product that will prevent that problem!  
Any suggestions?

Have you tried this product yet?  What do you think?  Are you a bright lipstick wearer and would try this line or would you rather stick to the less vivid lipsticks out there?

Thanks for reading!

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