Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Flower Beauty Lip Service Lip Butter

Flower Beauty Lip Service Lip Butter in Peony

Man oh man, I have been so bad about posting lately!  This week has been spectacularly busy.  At this moment, I am at my parents house which is four hours away from where I live in Wilmington.  I am in town for the week to visit with family and today we celebrated my future niece at my sister's baby shower!  I thought it would be fun to finally do a review of this product, since I wore it today for the shower!

So here you have it, Flower Beauty Lip Service Lip Butter in Peony.  

The color in this photo looks a little more scary than the color it actually is.  I would describe it as a rose-toned red.  The color payoff is very similar in opacity to other lip butters, such as Revlon's Lip Butter and Maybelline's Color Whisper.  The product gives a nice, sheer wash of color and applies very smoothly.  This particular shade has a slight shimmer in it, but doesn't have huge chunks of glitter.

Like the lip gloss from the Flower Beauty line, the product has a pleasant rose smell.  It's not as strong of a scent as the lip gloss, but it is noticeable.  The packaging of this product is beautiful.  It looks very classy and more expensive than a brand you would think to find in Walmart (no offense meant, I just mean it reminds me of higher end brands you would find at Sephora or Ulta).  Although I do like the look at the product, it is not easy to travel with.  It is a beautiful package to have on the bathroom counter, however it is very clunky for my handbag and the top tends to come off easier than I think it should.

Overall, I like this product.  I think that the color is just beautiful and is a really simple wash of color that compliments my skin tone very well.  Although there is a drawback as to the portability of this lipstick, however I don't mind it enough not to purchase another color from the line.  I think Drew Barrymore's new makeup line is very elegant and has a great price point for the look and quality of the products.

Have you tried a product from this line?  What would you like to try from Flower Beauty?


  1. I've heard good things about the eyeshadow creams so I definetly want to try those! I agree the packaging is very pretty.

    1. I'll definitely take a look at the eyeshadow creams! I hadn't heard much about them yet! :D

  2. I like the packaging of the items from this line.

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check my page for details!

    xx Christal xx

    1. Wow! How cool?! Thank you! I will check it out right now!