Saturday, June 2, 2012

Badger, badger, badger, badger, SNAAAAAKE!

So, to begin this story I must give a short introduction and history of said SNAAAAAKE!  

My best bud Becca lived with myself and my fiancĂ© for about a year here at our apartment.  Becca and I liked to spend time on the back patio and sit in the sun to chit chat.  One day last summer, we found ourselves being stalked by a little black snake.  We would get into a conversation and suddenly would realize that this snake was hanging out right next the patio, usually with his head up off of the ground right next to Becca.  Well, we didn't really see much of him for the rest of the summer...

The creeper snake has made a comeback!

This is a picture of my cat sitting on our bed.  And that in the background sticking out of the bush...creeper snake.
Yes.  The snake is peeking in on my bedroom.
Snake photobomb!!!

It took a few minutes, but Gwenhwyvar finally caught on...

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