Friday, June 1, 2012

Another day, another dollar...OH.  Wait....

So, here goes nothing...welcome to my daily adventures as a college grad searching for employment and a new sense of self.

Alright, here I am on graduation day!  This is myself and my friend Lacy!  We are so excited we FINALLY finished with our undergrad work and are ready to face the world with our heads held high and fantastic jobs that will change the world!  Oh...wait a second...we have no idea what to do with our lives next!  CRAP!

Now, I'm not saying that I expected everything to be perfect and to have found and secured my dream job the day I graduated college; but when you are going through school as a kid, you are usually under the impression that if you do well and go to college and graduate, that you shall be rewarded!  Unfortunately, this is not the case for many college graduates.  In fact, as of last June the unemployment rate of college grads between the ages of 20 to 24 was at 12.1%!  I have a sinking feeling that that number has only increased...

I have to admit, I have only been a college grad for three weeks now...however, I figured that since I had no immediate plans for a career in my field, I would at least be able to secure an office job...or at least a retail position for the next year until my fiancĂ© and I move out of the town we live in and start anew on our next adventure!  WRONG AGAIN.  I would say that at this point, I have put in at least 15 applications/resumes with full cover letters and have only received one call-back, which was for a deli clerk job.  Needless to say, he didn't offer me a job.  Now, I know that 15 applications doesn't seem like a lot, however these are the only jobs I could find that I am remotely experienced enough to apply to.  I was under the impression that having worked for four years for the National Park Service and another four years in a retail store would put me ahead of the pack in the search for a job...however, this does not seem to be the case!

Therefore, I am inviting you to join me on my adventure of trying to make it as an unemployed college grad looking for work!  I promise you it will not be boring...if you know me, you know that is not a lie.  I am filling my days with my passions: arts and crafts, wedding planning (yes, I am getting married next year!), cooking, beauty products, and all sorts of other productive/time consuming things to keep me occupied!  Along with of course, job hunting!  :D

Thanks for joining me on this wild ride!

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