Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: LUSH Northern Lights Bath Bomb

The Night Sky in My Bath?!

Oooh yes, that's right!  I had the night sky in my bath last night!  Well, sort of.

Yesterday Matt and I went to the mall, which is usually quite an adventure since we live over two hours away from any "real mall".  We had decided to go to an art museum, so decided to go to the mall in the same town which got me SUPER excited because it is the only mall in the area that has a LUSH.  *Happy dance*

So, obviously as soon as I got home and filmed my haul of what I bought yesterday at LUSH and Bath & Body Works, I ran a bath and lit a candle!  

Since it was a chilly night and I was looking to go to bed at a decent time (didn't happen by the way between editing my video and watching D3 The Might Ducks before bed!), I decided to go with the Northern Lights Bath Bomb.

First of all, I have to say that I love that Northern Lights is large enough to use for two separate baths which is always a plus to me since LUSH is prettyyyy pricey.  But worth it.  :)

This bath bomb initially explodes into a beautiful bright magenta color, but as it continues to dissolve, it creates a deep blue hue.  As the colors mix together, the bath turns into a deep indigo color.  It's beautiful!  

As far as the scent goes, it is extremely calming.  The description says that it's got jasmine and ylang ylang; I can certainly pick up on the jasmine, but I honestly don't know what ylang ylang smells like sooooo...that's helpful.  For skin benefits, I found that it made the bath water feel nice, it was smooth on the skin.  I've definitely had silkier feeling baths than this one, but the calming effect was what I was really looking for, which was achieved.  The scent lingered on my skin for the evening, creating a nice scent to experience when drifting off to sleep.

All in all, I like this bath bomb but honestly would reach for a different one next time.  There are some really nice ones like The Comforter Bubble Bar, which I have reviewed in the past if you're interested in checking it out.  In a nutshell, Northern Lights creates a beautiful bath, smells nice and creates a calming environment, which is nice before bed.  However, in my opinion it lacked in the skin benefits that usually go along with a good soak in the tub.  It's a fun bath bomb, but there are some even better ones I have experienced from their permanent line that I would reach for instead.

As always, thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for more reviews of what I picked up yesterday in the coming weeks.


  1. So pretty! I tried to get this in my local Lush the other day but they had sold out :( xx

    1. Dawww! I'm really looking forward to the sparkly pumpkin! It's so cute! Did you happen to get any others?