Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review: Real Techniques Core Collection

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman
Core Collection

Hello everyone!  Today I wanted to bring to you a review of one of my Real Techniques brush sets.  This past Christmas, I was lusting for the Real Techniques brushes created by YouTube makeup guru, Samantha Chapman.  I have always seen these brushes used in videos and just knew that I had to have them!  In the US, you can find Real Techniques brushes at both Ulta and now Walmart!

The particular collection I am reviewing today is the Core Collection which includes (from left to right) a buffing brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush, and detailer brush.

First of all, I must say excuse my dirty brushes, I wash them often (especially the buffing brush) but this particular day I had already used them and didn't wash them before taking these pictures.  SORRY!  My two favorite brushes out of the collection are the buffing brush and the contour brush.  The buffing brush ROCKS for applying foundation!  It is super soft and dense, allowing me to buff in my foundation to a flawless finish.  The contour brush is my daily blush brush.  It is less dense than the buffing brush, so it's good about not picking up too much product and leaving me looking like a clown.  It's super soft and applies blush effortlessly.  I have been using both of the brushes almost daily for over three months now and they haven't lost a hair or frayed a bit.  

The pointed foundation brush and the detailer brush don't get as much use from me as they should.  I have never been a fan of applying foundation with a flat brush and have been looking for other ways to use it.  Any suggestions?  The detailer brush is great for blending in concealer in areas that my fingers don't work so well, such as the tear duct area.

A great thing about the Real Techniques brushes that I really enjoy that they are very lightweight.  I believe the handles are made of aluminum because they are very sturdy, yet super light to hold.

I am definitely a HUGE fan on these brushes.  They are super affordable at an average of $20 per collection and are of great quality!  I would definitely recommend them if you haven't tried them!

What brushes do you love?  Have you tried the Real Techniques brushes?

Thanks always for reading!


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