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Product Review: Wet n' Wild Color Icon Palettes

Can I just say...AMAZING

So, if you've been at least a little into makeup throughout the years, you have probably had your hands on a Wet n' Wild product or two.  Wet n' Wild has always been a brand I was able to find at my hometown drugstore that had a low price point and allowed me to buy makeup that would get me out of my comfort zone.  Normally, it would be something like a red lipstick or some crazy-colored eyeshadow, because let's face it...I was never an "out-of-the-box" kind of makeup wearing girl.  Wet n' Wild was always hit or miss, usually a miss for me.  The products were not really the highest quality, but honestly what could you expect from a $1 lipstick?

Well, ladies (and possibly gentlemen)...hold onto your hats.  Over the past few years, Wet n' Wild has been working on improving their products.  And boy, have they improved!  And then some!

I have been hearing around the beauty community that the Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes are nothing to ignore.  Emily from Beauty Broadcast has raved so much about these palettes, that I couldn't help but go out and find a few!  Having had no luck finding the particular palettes I wanted at the new Walgreens down the road, I checked last night at one of the older ones that my roommate needed to go to for a prescription.  As luck would have it, they had BOTH palettes I had been looking for!

Here are the two palettes I bought, along with swatches and a mini review on them.  Pardon the fact that I obviously already used them...I was a little overly excited last night when I got them.  If you follow me on Instagram (@FlipOverBuggie), you have already seen the swatches I took on my phone at midnight last night...haha!

Wet n' Wild Color Icon 
Comfort Zone 738
The palette retails in my area for around $4.99
This is an AMAZING deal for 8 great colors!  And you'll see what I mean when you see the swatches.  The palette is very easy to use and clever with the suggested use of each color stamped into the actual shadow.  Of course, you can use the colors any which way you choose, but it is helpful and gives a general idea of how the colors can work together.

Direct sunlight 
The shades are in order from top to bottom, left to right starting with the light gold "Browbone" shade.  This is a great neutral palette with many different "look" options to choose from.  They are all warm colors, which happen to be my favorite as opposed to cool colors.  I have blue eyes, so the golden undertones of the shades really help to bring out the color in them.

All of the shades are AMAZING but I will point out a few that really struck me.  The third shade from the left, labeled as "Crease" on the palette is a gorgeous copper-gold color with the slights hint of a rose undertone.  This shade is absolutely beautiful and blends out nicely to a great all-over shade.  The third shade from the right, labeled as "Eyelid" on the palette is a rich, buttery green with beautiful gold shimmer in it.  I find it hard sometimes to wear green eyeshadows, but this is such a subtle green that I'm sure I'll be taking advantage of it a lot.  The final color that was the one that seriously had me floored was the color all the way to the right.  This shade is seriously ridiculous it is so beautiful.  The camera picked it up a little, but this is a gorgeous brown-bronze color with some red undertones...the ridiculous part of it?  It has this blueish green-gold shimmer throughout it that makes this shade SO complex.  At first I thought the blue color was a sprayed on overlay...but NO.  It is distributed throughout the entire shadow.  It is seriously AMAZING.  That alone was worth the $5 I spent on this awesome palette.

Indirect sunlight

Automatic flash

Wet n' Wild Color Icon
Walking on Eggshells 380B
This little trio retails in my area for about $2.99
Throughout the beauty community, it is well known that this little ditty is a "must-have", "holy-grail" palette to have in your collection.  For only $3 you get a simple, amazing trio of rich, buttery neutrals that rival some of the most popular Mac shades.  According to Emily from Beauty Broadcast, these three shades are perfect dupes for the Mac shadows Shroom, Cork, and Naked Lunch.  (See the Mac dupe video here)
I am so glad to finally have this trio and am positive I will be using it almost exclusively for everyday looks.

Indirect sunlight
These three shades lend to a perfect natural, neutral eye that is super quick and easy to apply.  I can't really pick a favorite out of the three or one that stands out the most to me because all three of these shades are just gorgeous.

Automatic flash

I absolutely recommend the Wet n' Wild Color Icon Shadow Collection.  There are in all, 12 trio palettes in the permanent collection (I'm fairly positive) and 3 of the 8-color palettes available.  Wet n' Wild also introduces limited edition palettes at different times of the year that have some AMAZING colors as well.  Right now, there are three LE 8-color palettes out there that I haven't been lucky enough to find.  Keep your eyes peeled though, and pick one up for yourself!  I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
Have you tried any Wet n' Wild products that you've been impressed with lately?  Have you tried these shadows?  Please leave a comment below!  :D

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