Thursday, November 20, 2014

A New Family Member!

We Got a Kitten!

That's right!  We added to our family yesterday and adopted a second kitty!  We have had our resident cat, Guenhwyvar, for four years now and thought it was about time to get him a playmate.  For about a year, a few years ago, our roommate had a kitten that we raised with Guenhwyvar, but we have parted ways since then so we decided to add onto our furry family!

Meet Gnar!

Gnar is a male kitten, about five months old.  He looks like he's got some Maine Coon in him, so I'm wondering how big he will get.  He does however have short, stubby legs, so we are thinking that he might have some Munchkin Cat in him as well!  He may turn out to be a huge cat with stubby legs...(let's hope).  :D  He is super cuddly and wants to be petted all of the time!  We hope he stays this way :)

He seems to be settling in fairly well.  (While I am typing this, he is at the vet getting fixed though...yikes!).  We are keeping him in a "safe room" to help Guenhwyvar (resident cat) to adjust to the new kitty smell while Gnar gets used to living in a house rather than a cage.

I've also included a photo of Guen...he's not too enthused just yet...

As always, thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for my first post about my first two doors I opened in my Tarte advent calendar!

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