Monday, December 16, 2013

Long Runs and Christmas Parties

What a Fabulous Sunday!

This holiday season, my husband and I decided that we want to be "that couple" that throws great parties and always has an annual Christmas party.  So, thus started our annual Christmas party planning!  I immediately got on Facebook and started inviting a bunch of buddies to join us!  We planned the party for Sunday (last night).  We got things together, along with our roommate and made some delicious dishes including Cuban pork, glazed ham and sugar cookies!  The party was a potluck, so our friends all brought some tasty dishes as well!

Our spread...nommmm

I also made a sparkling cosmopolitan cocktail and put it in a big jar with a dispenser from our wedding.  It was a big hit!

I made candied cranberries as a garnish which were also a big hit!

In other news, I did my long run for the week yesterday morning before we started getting ready for the party.  I decided to run a 5K distance so that I could get a baseline for how my fitness is right now in order to get ready for my race next month.  I was very pleased with the run, because I paced myself to the point that I ran the entire thing with no walk breaks!  Big deal for me!  So obviously my pace isn't where I want it to be for race day, but I have a little less than a month to train and I'm still confident that I can pull off my sub 35:00 5K.  I went ahead and wrote up a training schedule for myself on my calendar on my Macbook so that I can stay on track with pushing myself to my goal pace.

Have you been to or thrown any Christmas parties yet this holiday season?


  1. I am totally trying candied cranberries! :D

    Great job on your run!!!

    1. They really are super tasty! And thanks! It felt really great to know I can at least run the whole race next month! :D