Monday, November 25, 2013

Wishlist: Running Earbuds

Yikes!  I Need a Replacement!

When my dad asked me to write up a list of a few things I would like for Christmas, nothing immediately came to mind.  Over the past few weeks, I have come up with a few things I would like to have.  One of which, I have actually been contemplating purchasing for myself for months now.  Thanks to YouTube beauty guru Fleur and her husband Mike's Christmas Gift Guide For Him, I remembered that I wanted this item!  Turns out, their recommendation for earbuds for the "active guy" was exactly what this girl was looking for!  As much as I like the ones they recommended (Bose SIE2 Sport Headphones), the price point isn't exactly what I would like my parents to spend and I have had my eyes on another pair from Senheiser for quite some time.

Earbuds are something that I always have a hard time with.  I think it's a combination of me having small ear canals (at least I think that's what's going wrong) and the fact that I just don't like having something in my ear.  Earbuds however, are extremely convenient and don't look ridiculous like the other crazy headphones I see other people wearing.  (No offense if you like them, they're just not for me...unless I'm gaming...even then, my gaming headphones are quite sleek...I'm digressing...).  

And then there's these...

Anyway, I've discovered that the best earbuds for me when running and frankly the only ones that stay in my ears are running specific earbuds.  I need that extra little piece that I can slip into the concha (I know, very technical term) of my ear so that the whole thing doesn't fall out while I'm running.  

I have a pair of Senheiser headphones right now.  I love them.  Unfortunately, these buddies have seen better days.  I've had them for almost two years now and I'm not sure if it's age or our old roommates kitten who had an affinity for chewing wires or a combination of the two, but they are getting a little bit worn.

As you can (hopefully) see, I am missing a rubber thing that helps prevent the earbud from scratching the inside of my ear (OUCH) and I have tied loops in the cord because the rubber protecting the wires have cracks(?) or bitemarks(?) and those wires are preeeeetty thin and breakable at this point.  Not good.

If I could, I would order the same earbuds all over again...or ask for them for Christmas for that matter.  Unfortunately, I can't find the model number on them and for the life of me I can't find them online.  And believe me, I have searched.  Extensively.

Therefore, I have found myself another model of Senheisers to ask for!  Enter the Senhesier CX680 Sports Earbud.  These little babies are somewhat similar to the buds I have already, with a slightly different design.  Apparently these guys have a Kevlar reinforced cable so they can hopefully stand up to wear and tear and kitten teeth!  Another plus is the external volume control that as long as I don't find it getting in my way, I will thoroughly enjoy as sometimes you just have to TURN IT UP.  :)

So we'll see how these guys hold up.  I can't wait to try them out!  Hopefully they'll be in my stocking on Christmas but if not, I will certainly get my hands on them after the New Year!

 What's on your wishlist this year?

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