Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Fun!

Run, eat, drink, cook, drink, eat!

This is basically the theme of Thanksgiving for me.  In order to make sure I could eat a sufficient amount of Thanksgiving deliciousness, I made sure to get outside and run beforehand.  I got in a nice paced 2.25 mile run.  Thanksgiving was a perfectly sunny, low wind day in the mid 30s.  It made for a really nice run.

Around lunch time, I finally got the husband out of bed (we had a late night the night before) and we headed over to my parents house for our first Thanksgiving meal.  We knew we were only going to stay for a few hours because this being our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, we wanted to make our own dinner at our home that evening.  This Thanksgiving was especially exciting because it was our nieces first turkey day!  We had a nice time eating and (me) enjoying a few glasses of wine with my family.

Around four or so, we headed back to our place to get our food in the oven for our little "Friendsgiving".  This summer I made some friends at my job who aren't originally from our area.  They couldn't make it home to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families, so we invited them to join us for supper!

Matt's favorite part of the meal was his ham that he had planned since probably the moment we decided to do our own Thanksgiving, which was months ago.

One of our buddies who came over for supper is a home-brewer and brought over a delicious American Pale Ale!  It was so tasty!  By the way, this glass is one of four that we picked up at TJ Maxx for $3 a piece!  What a great buy!  They seem very well made.  They are heavy and great for any drink we will be enjoying this holiday season. 


Our table was (slightly) festive.  I only wish I would have found Thanksgiving themed plates like I was searching for.  Oh well!
All in all, it was a great day with great company.

In other news, I started a running streak with Runners World called the Holiday Streak.  It runs from Thanksgiving through New Years Day.  It involves running at least one mile per day.  This means that even on rest days, I'm going to be getting in at least a mile.  I'm looking forward to the challenge and am excited to see my weekly mileage increasing over the next month!

 How was your Thanksgiving?  How many meals did you end up eating??

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