Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Would You Rather" Running Version!

"Would You Rather..."

I LOVE these kinds of posts.  Cori at OlivetoRun apparently LOVES "Would You Rather" questions and came up with a running version!  She filled out her answers and challenged her readers to write a post answering the questions as well!  Here we go!

#1. Would you rather run in a thunderstorm or a snowstorm?
I would definitely rather run in a snowstorm.  I am deathly afraid of lightning...I do anything I can to make sure I am grounded and away from any tall objects that could possibly get hit!  I also like running the cold anyway, so as long as I was well dress, I think I would be okay!
#2. Would you rather breathe through your nose or breathe through your mouth?
I would rather breath through my nose.  I hate for my lips to be chapped and breathing through my mouth makes them get chapped that much faster.
#3. Would you rather do 100 squats or 100 crunches? [Now take a break and go do them. ;)]
100 crunches.  No doubt whatsoever.  I HATE squats.  I actually hate leg workouts all-together.  I LOVE ab workouts.
#4. Would you rather have a baked good for dessert or an extra serving of your favorite entree?
Extra serving of my favorite entree.  Ask anyone, and they'll tell you I usually turn down sweets.  However, I love potatoes and cheese, so if the entree involved either of those, I would definitely go for seconds.
#5. Would you rather run on a treadmill for an hour or run around the same street block for an hour?
Around the same street.  Definitely no treadmill. I have an irrational (or maybe not so irrational...) fear of falling off a treadmill.  Street.  Any day.
#6. Would you rather have a headache during a run or a side stitch?
Side stitch.  I hate headaches.  I don't get them very often and I really dislike them.  I can deal with a side stitch.
#7. Would you rather have a rest day on a work day or a day off?
On a work day.  I'm not great about keeping up with workouts when I'm working full time (it's going to be a major struggle this summer when I'm balls to the wall at work), so I love doing workouts on my off days.
#8. Would you rather be a race director or a race volunteer?
Volunteer!  I don't know enough about races to be a director to be honest.  However, if I learned more about them, I do like to be the leader of things, so I would probably rather direct if I was comfortable with it.
#9. Would you rather spend your money on running gadgets [HRM, GPS watch, Headphones] or running shoes?
Shoes.  I've got all of the gadgets I need, but would love to have a bunch of shoes to choose from!
#10. Would you rather run in a relay or do the run portion of a distance triathlon?
I've said it time and time again to my friend that wants to do a triathlon, he can do the swimming and biking and I will run for him.  I stick to this notion.

    Now it's your turn!  Do you have a blog?  Even if not, you could answer the questions perhaps on Facebook!  Enjoy!  Also, be sure to check out Coris original post at Olive to Run


  1. Great post! Expect one like this from me real soon :)

  2. I think I need a little bit of your love for crunches :)

    1. Haha, lets do an even train so that I can love leg work ;)

    2. Deal! I am in!