Friday, January 3, 2014

Review: LUSH Big Blue Bath Bomb

Another Day, Another Bath

If you follow me in Instagram, you may know that I have been trying not to get sick this week.  For four straight days, I was waking up with a scratchy throat and feeling just plain icky.  With my 5K coming up next weekend and just the sheer fact that I hate getting sick, I knew I needed to do anything I could to nip this thing in the bud.  I went to the store and grabbed some Airborne, I was extra adamant about taking my probiotics, I grab some OJ from the store, etc.  I tried to get some extra garlic in my system by cooking up some super garlicky mushrooms and kale for dinner and burned away the scratchy throat with a hot toddy with extra cayenne pepper.  Okay okay, maybe I overdid it a little bit, but I have to say that I feel FANTASTIC today.  My symptoms never got worse and now I'm all better!

LUSH Big Blue
You can see the seaweed pieces that will hang out in the bath with you!

One thing I did last night that I think really did the job was got in a sweaty workout down in the garage (I was sick of sitting still) and followed that up with a hot bath with a LUSH Big Blue Bath Bomb.  I knew that of the LUSH products that I had to choose from for my "kick this cold's ass bath", I needed to grab this one.  It's a one of LUSH's "Bath Bombs", which is basically a bath fizzy, made of sea salt and has lavender and lemon oil as well as seaweed.  It makes for a super relaxing and might I add beautifully blue bath.  I made sure it was super hot and grab my giant Tervis tumbler filled with iced water and relaxed for a good half hour.  It was perfect.

Sooo fizzy!

It turns your bath a gorgeous blue!

Iced water...sweet nectar of life...

The sea salt in Big Blue draws out the toxins in the body.  Paired with ice water to rehydrate, it's a great way to draw out all of the "ick" if you feel like you're getting sick.  The lavender oil was super relaxing and helped my chill out, since to be honest I have a hard time sitting still for very long in a bath.  LUSH claims that the seaweed "softens and soothes" the skin which I can't say I could really tell was happening, but that's a hard thing to really measure.  One thing that I can say about the seaweed is that if you feel weird about chunks of stuff in your bath, this bath bomb is not for you.  To me, it's fun and I made it a game to gather up as much as I could in my hands (more of a difficult task than you would think...).  

Anyway, Big Blue was a really fun bath bomb.  It is one that I have now had two times and I will purchase it again.  It was especially helpful yesterday since I was looking for a detoxifying bath.  It delivered.

Have you tried Big Blue?
Do you ever take "detox baths"?


  1. I have a very stuffy nose today and have been sneezing :( I was contemplating an Epsom salt bath today and now I think my decision is made!