Friday, January 18, 2013

Fitness Friday!

It's Working!  It's Working!

So I got a huge bit of encouragement today when it comes to my recent dive into a diligent fitness routine!  Today, my fiancĂ© told me that he is starting to see a difference in my figure since I've been working out so much!  This was a great compliment from him and meant more to me than I think he realized.  Even though I am feeling the results a little bit, it is so nice to hear it from someone that sees me every single day.  There is a huge difference between someone seeing a difference in you that sees you every few weeks to someone that sees you every day.  It's a great feeling to know that I'm making some progress!

I am feeling so proud of myself this week.  I have logged at least three runs per week for the past three weeks so far!  I also have worked my way up to running/walking (mostly running) three miles at a time.  Since my 5K last year, I have been trying to build up the endurance to run the whole three miles is much harder than most think!  

RunKeeper is a truly amazing app for the Iphone.  It has been super helpful to keep me on track and gives me great feedback on my runs!  The only issue I have is that sometimes my GPS on my phone (which is not RunKeepers fault) gets messed up and my pace and distance gets super wacky!  The other day I apparently was running a 4 minute mile...RIGHT.  I wish.  :D

I just had to share this little breakfast creation I like to make sometimes.  This little tasty morsel is a piece of cheddar cheese toast topped with a fried egg and avocado.  NOM.  Although this deliciousness is made up some fats, most of them are good fats found in the avocado.  It contains protein in the egg and cheese and healthy, complex carbs in the multigrain bread.  This was a perfect breakfast before I went out for my run at the park.

Are you having any fitness triumphs this week?  Do you have any delicious breakfast morsels you like to eat?  Let me know!!


  1. That looks soooo tasty!! Mmm! :D I'm not exactly fit, but I do dance classes everyday so hope that counts! :P

  2. Its one of my favorites for sure! Sounds like you keep in shape with dance class! That's dedication!