Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Gap Favorite Lip Balm

This might sound weird, but...

I am a self-professed GAP CHAPSTICK LOVER.  I know, I know.  This sounds very weird.  I mean, how in the world is a chapstick that comes from a clothing store actually good enough quality that you would say it's your favorite??  

Well let me just tell you, they are amazing!  I mean, AMAZING.  

These little ditties are super hydrating and come in some delicious flavors!  I have been using Gap Favorite Lip Balm regularly for over five years now.  I bought my first tubes in Hawaii on a whim while shopping with my sister. I was in need of some chapstick during the trip and found that the flavors they were offering sounded delicious!  Little did I know that I would end up owning I would say, upwards of 30 different tubes over the next five years.

I have always had trouble finding a chapstick that felt great on my lips when first applied, but also kept them hydrated for a few hours without the fear that they will dry out and I will jump into a panic for another swipe of hydration across my lips.  Gap Favorite Lip Balm gives me an adequate amount of hydration and keeps my lips happy for quite a few hours.  Another great thing about these guys is that they protect you lips from the sun.  All of their "Favorite Lip Balms" include SPF 18 in them, which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

These are just a few of the many "sticks of AMAZING" that I own.  

I am excited to share this little wonder that is so underrated in the beauty community!  I hope that you will pick up a Gap Favorite Lip Balm next time you are in a store.  I usually find them at the checkout counter in one of those plastic bins next to the register.

Be sure to check out my "December Favorites 2012" video on Youtube, which included Gap Favorite Lip Balm.

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  1. do you know where we can get this now? i cant find it anywhere and i love it!!

  2. Hey, you have the same name as me!!! Anyway, you can obviously find it at GAP or you can order it on Amazon.

  3. The Gap stores say they don't carry it anymore, but the outlets carry a chapstick. IT IS NOT THE SAME - very drying! I wish Gap would bring this back - it was the best!